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"Best View Hotel™, The leading management company for premium budget hotels & resorts suites."

Rebranded in 2010, Best View Hotel™ and Resorts has gained valuable insights and local knowledge to cater for all respected guests that range from individual travellers, international business and leisure travellers that are looking for alternatives that meet their needs and wants. Currently, we are the top premium budget suite hotel and resort in Klang Valley Malaysia

The group owns, operates and manages equity interests in 5 hotels and still counting, which are all strategically coated to offer a flexible option for guest to stay in the vicinity of a business hub or tourist attraction and can easily commute from place to place be it commuting via public transport or through interconnecting highways.

Best View Hotel™ takes a friendly approach yet maintaining a professional standard of hospitality to our guests. Over and above that, we focus on giving guests all the best in convenience, comfort, service and security.  Hence, room rates are reasonable to all of our guests. However, having competitive rates do not mean that we skimp on facilities and quality. On the contrary, we have been able to achieve a balance between price rates and quality. Our rooms are equipped with the facilities you would expect from any premium hotel. All our rooms are equipped with a free wireless high-speed Internet connection, LCD television and secure electronic lock system. We distinguish ourselves against others with our particular theme, which are entrenched profound concepts and ideas.

Behind our hotel, a strong management team that is completed out of a wide talented pool backs us. With expertise from different aspects, we are able to manage hotels of the range from budget hotels to boutique hotels, even up to 5-star hotels. With our dedicated management team, we are able to maintain to be the on the summit of this industry. Alongside an excellent team of working staff, each of our guests is given an excellent and memorable experience staying with us.  

Throughout the years, our commitment towards guaranteeing guest comfort, safety and convenience has made us the best premium budget suite hotel and resort in Klang Valley in Malaysia. High-quality upkeep in our standards has allowed us to achieve years of consistency and excellence. Experience unsurpassed hospitality experience with Best View Hotel™ today!


Best View Hotel™ is recognized through our brand and people, as a leading operator for premium budget hotels. We aim to establish and maintain the benchmark as the leading operator in this industry by continually providing the best Customer Service to our guests and expand our service throughout Malaysia in the near future.


To maintain and upkeep our high-quality standards in our room and services, we pledge to commit ourselves to accomplish extraordinary things for the unsurpassed hospitality experience of our guests.


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